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Small-Batch Maps by High-Proof Creative

Front End Features

Customizable Venues

Add additional venues such as restaurants, sports arenas, and theaters, or keep it simple and differentiate between on premise and off- premise. 

Product Images

Add images of your products for easy recognition by your potential customer. Bottles images appear in the dropdown menu and in search results.

Install on Any Website

Add this map to any website with a snippet of code. Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, or Wix. Our developers can help install your snippet if you need tech assistance.


Plug in your hex color codes into the backend of BeverageMaps.com to match the Small-Batch Maps to your distillery or drink company’s branding. 

Easy Location Updates

With Small-Batch Maps, you can either add the content on the backend of beveramaps.com, or contact us and we can add your updated product list immediately. If you have unique data by product, our map can map individually by location and product.

Mobile Friendly

We built Small-Batch Maps to ensure the map will load correctly on any mobile device or tablet.

Use the Data

Gain Marketing Insights

Small-Batch Maps gives you data on product demand, and where people want to buy your products. Use this data to market the products in the most demand. Why market your whiskey when customers are searching for your gin?

Estimate Product Needs

When stores or distribution companies have less-than-accurate data, you can use Small-Batch Maps data to estimate when a store may be running low on product based on Top Stores Clicked.  

Find Distribution Regions

Not only will customers find your product, you’ll receive data so you know which products consumers are seeking, browsing, and clicking on the most. It can be effective to align with your top searches with marketing efforts. 

Purchase Small Batch Maps

Map Your Products & Track Customer Searches

Our low monthly licensing fee for Small-Batch Maps comes with free install.

Created by High-Proof Creative

High-Proof Creative is an award-winning, full-service, niche marketing agency for the craft beverage industry. We provide services for companies nationwide in a variety of areas including branding & packaging, website development, design, marketing strategy, social media, content, SEO, and more.

We connect consumers to craft spirits through tech-driven apps and strategies, and we’re excited for you to try Small-Batch Maps!

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