Potential customers search for your products.

You gain data on product demand.

Small-Batch Maps by High-Proof Creative

Front End Features

Product Visuals

Add images of your products for easy recognition by your potential customer.



Add additional venues types beyond bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.


Use your own branding and color codes for map background, pointers, font, and more.

Back End Features

Track Searches

Small-Batch Maps shares data from the map on your website to your inbox:

  • Locations that are the most popular among searches
  • Products that are the most popular among searches

Monthly Emails

Small-Batch Maps does not collect personal data on users; rather, receive an email every 30 days with data for:

  • Top Product Searches
  • Top Locations Searched
  • Top Stores Clicked

Free Installation

No matter how many locations, venues or products, you can provide the Small-Batch Maps team with your information and we can do set up for free.

Set-up your map without our help by first purchasing Small-Batch Maps via our website.

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